Helpful Websites for Youth

The following list is a compilation of websites with information of interest to youth who are interested in planning for a successful career and life. The list does not constitute any official endorsement or authorization by the County of San Bernardino.

Disability Related

Disability Benefits at 18
Disability Disclosure ?Entry Point! ?Job Access
Ability Links
National Business and Disability Council
Youth Leadership Forum
Living with Learning Disability
School and Work Calculator

Career Websites

Career Voyages
Exploring Career Information
Youth at Work
Youth Rules!

Planning for life after high school
Think College
Reality Check
Adding it up

Band-aids and Blackboards

Disability Related:

Disability Benefits at 18 provides information on disability benefit program rules and changes that affect youth turning 18.

Disability Disclosure offers a workbook for youth with disabilities.

Entry Point! offers paid summer internship opportunities in private industry and government agencies for undergraduate and graduate students with disabilities.

Job Access is designed to help enable people with disabilities to enhance their professional life.

Ability Links is a web-based community where job seekers with disabilities, inclusive employers and service providers meet and gain access to valuable networking opportunities.

National Business and Disability Council offers assistance for job seekers with disabilities.

Youth Leadership Forum is a career leadership training program for high school juniors and seniors with disabilities.

RecruitABILITY offers resume posting and connections with employers for disabled job seekers.

Zigawhat! Provides links to internet sites for teens with disabilities.

Living With a Learning Disability helps ensure the disabled have every opportunity to succeed in work, school and life.

School and Work Calculator  explains the changes that may occur in disability benefits programs when an 18 year old youth changes his or her living situation or gets a job.

Career Websites:

Career Voyages provides information on high-growth, high-demand occupations along with the skills and education needed to attain those jobs.

Exploring Career Information offers information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Youth at Work is the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s website for youth.

Youth Rules! provides information about the Department of Labor’s labor rules for young workers.

Planning for life after high school: is an interactive web site that young adults can use to plan for life after high school.

Think College explains the advantages of going to college and gives guidance to those who are college bound.

Adding It Up is a website to help young people develop money skills.

Miscellaneous: provides information about the effects of illegal drugs.

Band-Aids and Blackboards is a website with information young people with medical problems.